AMS Systems

The Automated Manifest System (AMS) Service from Binex Line Corp. allows us to participate in the U.S. Customs AMS cargo release notification system for rapid identification and release of shipments.
The Automated Manifest System (AMS) is a multi-modular cargo inventory control and release notification system for sea, air, and rail carriers. AMS speeds the flow of cargo and entry processing and provides participants with electronic authorization to move cargo prior to arrival. AMS facilitates the intermodal movement and delivery of cargo by rail and trucks through the In-bond system. AMS reduces reliance on paper documents and speeds the processing of manifest and waybill data. As a result, cargo remains on the dock for less time, participants realize faster tracking, and Customs provides better service to the importing community.

Benefit for the Trade

- Receive faster identification and release of low risk shipments through interfaces with Customs Cargo
Selectivity system, In-Bond system, and ABI.
- File or amend manifest or bill of lading data electronically.
- Arrive vessels/conveyances electronically.
- Establish electronic links to common carriers and auxiliary services.
- Receive status notification when an entry has been canceled or deleted.
- Receive cargo status and advance notice of General Order (GO) eligibility.
- Receive notice of other government agency holds.
- Receive exam notification.
- Reduce paper costs.
- Electronic interface with other agencies, including the Department of Agriculture and the Federal Maritime Commission.